plumbing, sink, toilet, pipes

Fixing or Replacing
Sinks, Toilets...

Ask about our

Home Repairs
and Upkeep

cleaning fireplace, hardwood floor, electric outlet

Construction and Maintenance

Various Odd Jobs Around
the House and Yard

Fixing things or getting them to work in unique ways often requires an eclectic skill set. This is when a multitalented handyman is really useful. If you have an odd job around the house or yard, call or e-mail C-a-Handyman for estimates and discounts.

Building and Repairs

    • Decks and Patios: wood, concrete or stone
    • Windows and Doors: including glass and hinges
    • Fencing and Gates: wood and metal
    • Painting Outside or Interior: staining, wallpaper

fixing wals, trim, tile
painting base boards

Plumbing and Water Systems

    • Repair, maintenance, installation
    • Drains and drainage
    • Water heaters
    • utters and other drainage
    • Pipes, tenets, faucets...

    Electric and Power Systems  

    • Fixing and installing wires, outlets, fixtures
    • Repairing gas appliances, pilot lights
    • Home security system maintenance